At Arkane Works, As long as the customer is happy, the rest of it is just work.

What we Offer

  • We have the largest selection of pipeline test equipment in Grande Prairie with over 200 Chart Recorders, plus Deadweights, Manifolds, and Pumps.
  • We are on call 24/7 and offer FREE in town deliver weekdays 8-5.
  • We offer a wide variety of shop and field service work as well.
  • Our shop can meet all of your calibration and repair needs. We repair a wide selection of methanol, chemical and glycol pumps, all repairs are function and pressure tested.
  • We calibrate Tong Gauges , Mud Gauges and Weight Indicators. We prove Turbine meters and program totalizers. We certify Driflows, Deadweights and Gauges and our calibrations are computer captured actual values, ABSA has noted our calibration reports.
  • We have the best spark pole/plug system ever, and our unit base is Class 1 Div 1 Rated and tested.
  • As for parts we carry a good inventory of new and rebuilt equipment. We have a large inventory for Daniels, Haskel, Sprague, Texsteam. We carry inventory for Wellmark / Norriseal supplier of valves, regulators and controllers.
  • Our Rental Department delivers tested quality gear and yes, we do deliver. We carry Pressure / Temp Recorders, Gauges, Dead-weights, HP Baker Pumps, Air-driven Hydrotest pumps, Test Manifolds, Turbines w/Totalizers, and an assortment of Gas Meters.

Rental Phone --- 780-933-3929

Office Phone ---   780-532-9336

Data Logging Recorders & Deadweights

12" Recorders (100 - 25k PSI & 21k - 70k kPa)

Test Manifolds / Digital Deadweights / Mechanical Gauges

Baker & Pneumatic Pumps to 16k PSI / Turbine Meters / Dri-Flos

Our Services:

    We have been specialists in all things Production Testing, from line-heaters to everything in a P-Tank. We supply any and all components/parts, construct new units and service/calibrate all instruments, controls and meters. We service burner controls, tune burners, install/service/vent catadynes, service gas detection, rebuild level gauges, work on meter runs and service all types of controllers and valves.